Güneş Ünal


Associate Professor

Department Chair

Second-year/8+ term student advisor 

Vice Chair, Cognitive Science Program

Member, Center for Life Sciences

+90 212 359 70 50 

Office no: #219

  • Postdoc, University of Oxford, 2017
  • PhD, Rutgers University, 2012
  • BA, Boğaziçi University, 2008 


Courses Taught: 
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Neuroscience: Brain and Behavior
  • Introduction to Statistics for Psychology I & II
  • Neuroscience
  • Advanced Neuroscience
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Learning
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Selected Topics in Psychobiology: Contemporary Questions & Techniques in Neuroscience
  • Theories in Pyschology


Research Interests: 
  • The limbic system
  • Basal forebrain
  • Ketamine
  • Animal models of anxiety and depression
  • Neuromodulatory systems


Recent Publications: 


Akan M, Skorodumov I, Meinhardt MW, Canbeyli R, Unal G (2023) A shea butter-based ketamine ointment: The antidepressant effects of transdermal ketamine in rats. Beh Brain Res DOI: 10.1016/j.bbr.2023.114594.


Isik S, Unal G (2023) Open-source software for automated rodent behavioral analysis. Frontiers in neuroscience, 17, 1149027.


Akmese C, Sevinc C, Halim S, Unal G (2023) Differential role of GABAergic and cholinergic ventral pallidal neurons in behavioral despair, conditioned fear memory and active coping. Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry, 125, 110760.


Kingir E, Sevinc C, Unal G (2023) Chronic oral ketamine prevents anhedonia and alters neuronal activation in the lateral habenula and nucleus accumbens in rats under chronic unpredictable mild stress. Neuropharmacology, 228, 109468.


Guven EB, Pranic NM, Unal G (2022) The differential effects of brief environmental enrichment following social isolation in rats. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci DOI: 10.3758/s13415-022-00989-y.  


Unal G (2021) Social isolation as a laboratory model of depression. In AA Moustafa (Ed.), Mental health effects of COVID-19 (pp. 133–151). Cambridge, MA: Academic Press.


Unal G (2021) Investigation of fear and anxiety processes with rodent behavioral models. In G Unal and I Ayhan (Eds.) Experimental approaches to cognitive and behavioral processes in psychology (pp. 51–109). Ankara: Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık.


Unal G, Moustafa AA (2021) The neural substrates of different depression symptoms: Animal and human studies. In AA Moustafa (Ed.) The nature of depression: An updated review (pp. 5979). Cambridge, MA: Academic Press. 


Ecevitoglu A, Soyman E, Canbeyli R, Unal G (2020) Paw preference constitutes a vulnerability factor for behavioural despair and affects spatial reference memory in male rats. Behav Process DOI: 10.1016/j.beproc.2020.104254.


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Unal G (2019) The cortico-hippocampal circuit: the brain's center for mapping & declarative memory. Journal of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine 72(1):13-23.


Viney TJ, Salib M, Joshi A, Unal G, Berry N, Somogyi P (2018) Shared rhythmic subcortical GABAergic input to the entorhinal cortex and presubiculum. eLife DOI: 10.7554/eLife.34395.


Unal G, Crump MG, Viney TJ, Éltes T, Katona L, Klausberger T, Somogyi P (2018) Spatio-temporal specialization of GABAergic septo-hippocampal neurons for rhythmic network activity. Brain Struct Funct 223:2409-2432.


Samarth P, Ball JM, Unal G, Pare D, Nair SS (2017) Mechanisms of memory storage in a model perirhinal network. Brain Struct Funct 222:183–200.


Bocchio M, Fisher S, Unal G, Ellender TJ, Vyazovskiy V, Capogna M (2016) Sleep and serotonin modulate paracapsular nitric oxide synthase expressing neurons of the amygdala. eNeuro DOI: 10.1523/ENEURO.0177–16.2016.


Unal G, Joshi A, Viney TJ, Kis V, Somogyi P (2015) Synaptic targets of medial septal projections in the hippocampus and extra-hippocampal cortices of the mouse. J Neurosci 35(48):15812–15826.


Unal G, Pare J-F, Smith Y, Pare D (2014) Cortical inputs innervate calbindin-immunoreactive interneurons of the basolateral amygdaloid complex. J Comp Neurol 522:1915–1928.


Unal G, Pare J-F, Smith Y, Pare D (2013) Differential connectivity of short- vs. long-range extrinsic and intrinsic cortical inputs to perirhinal neurons. J Comp Neurol 521:2538–2550.


Unal G, Apergis-Schoute J, Pare D (2012) Associative properties of the perirhinal network. Cereb Cortex 22:1318–1332.


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