Graduate Training


Clinical training, including a series of supervised practicum experiences, is required for graduate students in the clinical track of the Psychology M.A. program of the Psychology Department. Following the completion of coursework, students are required to complete a year-long supervised practicum to expose them to a variety of assessment and intervention techniques to work with clients who are dealing with a wide range of problems. The goal is to teach clinical trainees to develop case conceptualizations that are used to lead to appropriate assessment approaches and treatment strategies. The emphasis of the graduate program is to train graduate students to conceptualize a case in at least two distinct theoretical orientations.

The emphasis on child cases is to incorporate a developmental framework into case conceptualization and treatment approach. Clinical trainees are taught to administer multimodal, multi-informant assessment, conduct evidence-based parent training programs and implement behavioral interventions in school settings. Clinical trainees are required to consult with school staff to improve classroom management and monitor treatment progress in school setting. Clinical trainees have group and individual supervision and they are trained to provide peer supervision for less-experienced student therapists. 

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