PhD in Clinical Psychology

The Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology is designed to provide the students with advanced level training that will enable them to function effectively as practitioners as well as academicians. The program includes a solid background in theory and supervised practical training in clinical assessment and psychotherapeutic interventions. 


The program requires the successful completion of 36 credits comprising a total of 9 four credit courses. Candidates are also required to complete a noncredit externship, a doctoral dissertation, and work leading up to the dissertation. For those who have not had such a course before, PSY 503 is a noncredit requirement. 


The externship is a practical training experience involving clinical assessment and psychotherapy at an approved hospital and/or clinic, to be supervised by a clinical psychologist member of the Psychology Department. The externship, expected to total 20 hours per week, including four hours of supervision, will begin upon starting the program and last until the qualifying exam. Externship work will proceed in tandem with the academic program and the evaluation will be done on a noncredit Pass/Fail basis. A total of 1000 hours of externship are required. Those students who do not receive a “satisfactory” evaluation until the qualifying exam will not be able to take the qualifying exam. 

Please make sure to check the MA program requirements set by the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences by clicking here.



Program Information and Course Descriptions can be found here (scroll down for PhD programs).



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