Voluntary Internship




In our department, internships are not mandatory. However, especially after the second year, participating in internships during semester breaks can be beneficial for observing how various professional groups related to psychology work in different institutions and for applying the theoretical knowledge gained in classes.


1. BUSOS Social Responsibility Projects offer opportunities to work as a team to contribute to society and prepare you to play an active role in civil society.

2. Doing internships at Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like TOG, AÇEV, TEGV, KADER, etc., can be very beneficial and enlightening.

3. We recommend clinical internships (in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, etc.) especially after the third year. Undergraduate students who want to gain field experience in clinical psychology can find our internship principles on this page.

4. Research or advertising companies, childcare centers, kindergartens, nursing homes, foster homes, and other organizations are among the institutions where you can do internships.

5. Doing an internship in the Human Resources sector of the private sector can provide you with insights into human resources, which can be valuable in shaping your future career.




As a department, we do not approve in-semester internships for students. Internships can only be done during summer and winter breaks. The only exception is for senior students with 11-12 credits left in their academic load, and this should also be done with the knowledge and approval of their academic advisor.




1 - Choosing the Institution for Internship: The department or internship coordinator may have certain recommendations regarding institutions where internships can be carried out. However, choosing and making contact with internship institutions is entirely the student's responsibility.

2 - he student should fill out the Application Form and send it to the internship coordinator (Asst. Prof. Yasemin Sohtorik İlkmen) for approval. If the internship coordinator approves the application, the Application Form is submitted to the department assistants. The Application Form is added to the student's file.

3 - Optionally, for approved students, the department secretary prepares the Voluntary Internship Permission LetterThis letter is written to the institution where the internship will be done and includes information about the dates and location of the internship. The student gets the permission letter signed by the department chair and submits it to the institution where the internship will be done.

4 - Students who wish to participate in the Internship Campaign (Satj Seferberliği) should fill out the internship application form and obtain the approval of the internship faculty member before applying to this program. Students who are approved by this program are insured by the Rectorate.

5 - Primarily, the school covers the insurance of programs with compulsory internship requirements. Since internships in our department are done on a voluntary basis, here are the steps students who want to have insured internships need to take before the internship:

  • Initially, students must obtain approval from the internship coordinator faculty member regarding the suitability of the internship (see item 2).
  • Subsequently, they need to write a letter addressed to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Board to evaluate. This letter should include information about the dates and location of the internship, and they should submit it, along with the acceptance letter from the institution where they will do their internship, either in person to the department or to the email address psy@boun.edu.tr.
  • Students with approved letters will be contacted by the Student Account Affairs.
  • Due to the extended duration of the approval and application process, students wishing to do insured internships are advised to initiate this process approximately 3-4 weeks before their planned internship start date



1 - During the last week of the internship, the student is responsible for downloading the Intern Evaluation Form from the department website and submitting it in a sealed envelope to an authorized person who closely followed their work at the institution where they did their internship. At the end of the internship, this evaluation form must be submitted to the department coordinator, signed and in a sealed envelope.

2 - The student should fill out the Internship Evaluation Form regarding their internship experiences and submit it to the department coordinator.

3 - If the student has done insured internships, they must inform the Student Account Affairs Office at the end of the internship.


All students who will apply for an internship within the framework of the Presidency Internship Initiative program, must first obtain approval from the department's internship coordinator




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